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God Triumphs in Tragedy

In the stillness of the morning; songs and sermons run through my head.
About the hope in tragedy heard about the innocent who now quietly lay dead.

I understand your sorrow and I understand your pain.
The loss of these precious ones; who were so hideously slain.

But the tragedy of this crime is all around us still.
And with the Savior's love and life we can begin to mend and heal.

For many lost their lives that normal April 20th day.
Because you heard the message of hope many killed would say.

"At the loss of my life; the end of every breath;
You have come to know the truth about life and what happens after

For the loss of fifteen lives now lay in the Savior's hands.
But greater is the sacrifice for a world to understand.

"I am the way, the truth the life; no man enters heaven without me.
And if you trust your life to me I will set you free."

What Satan meant for evil God has meant for good.
As I see the sea of people that may have never understood.

The Father can identify with parents in such a terrible loss.
When His only Son was cruelly killed on a cold and lonely cross.

So take comfort in knowing that God truly identifies.
And Christ knows the pain suffered all the cold and difficult while.

Would we say we know you in this brief and very short life?
Would we also proclaim Jesus is Lord in the midst of our strife?

God said to us and Cassey "If you acknowledge me in front of men."
"I will acknowledge you in front of the Father and all of heaven."

Weep not for me this day but gladly rejoice and sing.
For I am with my Savior now, happy and safe for eternity.

I've got peace like a river in my soul; I've got peace like a river in
my soul.
Even though the storm around me rages and it harshly rocks and rolls.

I've got a message to give each one; I've got a mission now.
To bravely proclaim Christ to all and His mighty saving power.

For when you give your life to Christ, death can have no sting.
The killers failed to realize this incredibly profound thing.

Grasp the hope of salvation; don't wait this is the time.
As so many of these kids found out with the tragedy at Columbine.


I Cry

It makes me cry to watch the news 3 dead 2 wounded
I see the world through different eyes
I see only the good in people that is why I cry
I cry for the children raised in fear
I cry for the people that cant shed a tear
I cry for the lonely with hearts so bold
I cry for the rich with hearts so cold
I cryed last night when I heard the news
A high school shooting leaves many dead
Why do I cry you ask for I knew not one
I felt their pain ,I felt their fear, I felt their loss
My heart goes out to the families there
My heart bleeds because I feel their need
Why you ask ... because I care
I shed a tear for all in fear
Maybe some day it will all be clear
Then we all will shed a tear and feel their fear


What You Don't Know

You think they don't hurt me,
Those words that you say.
But that's just how it looks,
I've learned to deal with the pain.

Though you don't know it,
It kills me inside.
When you say what you say,
I wish I could run and hide.

But I've learned to be strong,
And that's all you see.
Someone strong,
Not someone weak.

I can't let you know,
How I really feel.
How I cry at night,
When the pain is too real.

No matter what you do,
I'll still act the same.
I'll still act strong,
And I'll hide my pain.


No Longer the Same

On April 20th '99, 16 died at Columbine.
Children and teachers were killed and maimed,
Our lives were changed, we're no longer the same.
Images beyond compare,
Loss of words, vacant stares.
Children running, gunshots, screams,
Lives destroyed, shattered dreams.
Stone-faced parents filled with fear,
Shaking, trembling, shedding tears.
Mothers, fathers, siblings too,
Waiting, wondering, this can't be true.
Rumors are spreading and the fear starts to grow,
No one is sure, what do they know?
Children are crying, many in shock,
While the minutes of time go by, tic tock.
Names are called out of those that are safe,
tears start to flow, and the
parent's hearts race.
Running to children with open arms,
Holding them close, they're now safe from harm.
They now comfort others that continue to wait,
For news of their children, it's now getting late.
Friends were lost, others saved,
A reality check, what do we say?
Hate, revenge? Who really knows?
But we must recover and on we go.
Understanding is what we need,
Love and peace, let's plant that seed.
Hug your child and show them you care,
And for the children we all must be there.
Take their hand and lead the way,
And restore their faith for a brighter day.
Let them know its OK to cry,
And not be afraid to ask WHY, WHY, WHY.
Colorado was changed that day,
And the tragedy left many with nothing to say.
The fear that day touched everyone,
And we're now left to cope with the damage done.
In time the pain may fade away,
And we'll all remember this horrific day.
From this day forward are lives have changed,
It has touched us all, we're no longer the same


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